18-month Check-up and "Injuries"

Juliana had her 18-month check-up on Thursday (4/26). All is well. I was expecting a shot-free visit, but they have just added HepA to the recommended 12-23 months immunization list. So 1 quick shot.

Official Stats
Weight: 23 lbs. 3 oz. (40th percentile)
Height: 33-1/2 in. (95th percentile)

At 18-months she weighs less that the lower weight range for Carter’s 18-mo clothes, yet she is an inch taller than the height range…Can’t wait for those adjustable waistbands… she will be wearing lots of short dresses and shorts that are maybe a bit too short…
She came home from daycare with her first large bump on the head last Monday. And then Tuesday she came home with a bite impression on her right arm. It happened while they were playing outside and she never cried so they don’t know who was involved.

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