A New Notes from the Past Few Days

As we were packing up for daycare Friday morning, she found one of her food bowls and insisted that she take it with her. She held it all the way to daycare and was upset when we left it in the Jeep. When I picked her up, she started asking for the bowl as soon as she saw the Jeep and held it tight the whole way home. Then she eagerly sat in her high chair and ate watermelon out of the bowl.

When I dropped her off at daycare, I noticed that she had been moved to a different highchair. Upon inquiring I found out that she had learned how to climb out of the other highchair.

When we are outside and she hears an airplane, she points at the sky and says, “Big Jet”, as in Big Jet from the Little Einsteins.

Friday evening we were driving home and she took off her shoe and threw it toward the radio and turned the music back on.

She is starting to get jealous when I have anything on my lap. I was folding laundry on Saturday and she pushed the folded clothes off my lap so she could climb up. This morning I was reading a book and she grabbed it and tried to pull it away so she could sit on my lap and read her book.

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