Using a Spoon and Miss Independent

Juliana has started to use a spoon to feed herself foods like yogurt and applesauce. She eats really well for a while and then remembers that it is fun to dump spoonfuls of food on the tray and smear it with her fingers – that usually ends the meal. Of course taking the bowl and spoon away produces a tantrum because she doesn’t think that she was done…these pictures are from Saturday morning breakfast – yogurt and waffle.

Juliana is starting to become quite independent – she knows what she wants and isn’t happy if she doesn’t get it. If you try to give her something she doesn’t want she pushes it away and yells, “No, No, No”. No is a word we are hearing a lot recently.
For example, now that she has decided it is fun to feed herself with a spoon, no one else is allowed to feed her. Eating a small container of yogurt now takes much longer…

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