Conversations with Juliana

She talks so much now and a series of statements sometimes has little in common, for example: “Put on my footie pajamas, go to Disney World, sit on couch with Daddy” – everythig she is thinking comes spilling out all at once.

Juliana was eating dinner one night and I looked into the living room to see one of the cats on the coffee table.
Me: Kitty, get down
Juliana: Kitty listen to Mommy?
Me: Yes, Kitty has to listen to Mommy just like Juliana
Juliana: And Daddy has to listen to Mommy…or he will get in big trouble!

My mom has a Blackberry now and Juliana is fascinated with it. She asks where her Blackberry is. We were in BabysRUs one day and she heard a phone ring and she yelled, “Someone’s Blackberry is ringing.”


Whenever I rake the leaves, Juliana wants to use the rake – this really slows down the process. So ordered a shovel and rake set from Little Tikes. It is so cute and perfectly sized for her. She was so excited when she saw the big box – pulled out the shovel – “my shovel” and then pulled about the rake and announced, “I don’t need a big fork.”

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