Disney #1

We arrived in Orlando Friday morning. Juliana was very good on the plane – just a bit restless toward the end. After some minor issues in the check-in process and eating lunch, we decided that naps were a good idea.

We napped for a bit and then went to Epcot for a few hours. Juliana’s first ride was Nemo – she was so excited and loved looking at the fish tanks after the ride. We walked around for a while. Juliana had lots of trouble falling asleep, hopefully she was adjust quickly and sleep better throughout the week.

Saturday morning we went to MGM – she was so excited to ride on the bus :)

Scott, Dad and I had a quick ride on the Tower of Terror and then it was off to Breakfast – character breakfast with the Little Einsteins – Juliana was so excited when she saw June and Leo!!!

After breakfast we went on Rock-N-Roller Coaster and then more characters – Donald & Daisy Duck, Handy Manny, and Annie (Little Einsteins).

Juliana, Mom and I came back to the hotel for a quick dip in the pool, lunch and now Juliana is napping. We are planning to go to the Magic Kingdom after her nap.

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