Disney #2

After naptime Saturday afternoon, we went to the Magic Kingdom. It was almost 6:00 when we arrived and the parade was running down Main Street over so we watched the end of the parade from Main Street.

We stopped at Buzz Lightyear for FastPass and then went to the Merry-Go-Round for 2 rides.

Back to Buzz Lightyear for the ride and then back to the hotel to eat and bed for Juliana.

We spent Sunday morning at the Animal Kingdom. Juliana went on the dinosaur ride 4 times. And the adults all went on the Everest coaster several times. We also went on the Safari and Juliana met Goofy and Pluto.

1 comment to Disney #2

  • T. Farnum

    HEY! Great minds think alike…
    Were in Disney TOO, for the next 6 days!!! I’ll call you on your cell phone tomorrow.

    -Your old USF pal, Trev