Disney #3

It was so hot at the Animal Kingdom on Sunday, we were all so worn-out after spending half of the day there. We came back to the hotel to rest and had pizza. Juliana never fell asleep. I forgot to include this picture in yesterday’s post of Juliana in her Little Einsteins t-shirt – we purchased it on Saturday and she insisted on wearing it Sunday morning.

Then we drove to visit Grandma Lois. We went to dinner with her and then drove back to the hotel in time to watch the Steelers game.

Monday – Magic Kingdom all day – we were there waiting when they opened at 9:00 and didn’t leave until 5:00. We spent the morning in Fantasyland riding: Dumbo (first ride before the line got out-of-control), Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, Cinderella’s Carousel (many times), Small World and watched Mickey’s Philharmagic (3D and Juliana kept the glasses on the whole time and loved it!

After lunch at the Liberty Tavern, we went to Toontown. We waited to meet the Princesses – Juliana was very excited and was much more patient then I expected in the long line. She started jumping up and down when we made it to the Princess room – she couldn’t believe that Cinderella was really there. She spent a few minutes with each of them (Cinderella, Belle and Sleeping Beauty).

We stopped for a ride on the tea cups on the way across the park.
Then we found the greeting spot for Princess Jasmine and waited for the parade to end to see her. Juliana has been talking about Princess Jasmine for weeks. We were first in line when she arrived and Juliana went running over to her.

We did a little shopping on Main Street before heading back to the hotel. Juliana fell asleep on the bus but woke up after I carried her across the hotel to our room. She had a little bit of play time in the kiddie pool before some dinner and bed.

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