Disney #7

Friday morning we did some park hopping to go back to our favorite attractions. First stop – Animal Kingdom. Juliana went to the Festival of the Lion King show with Nonni and G, while Scott and I rode Everest 4 times (makes 10 for the week – great coaster – excellent addition Disney). Juliana had a final turn on the Triceratops spin and then we got on the bus to MGM.

First we had lunch at MGM and then Juliana went to the Beauty and the Beast show with Nonni. During the show when Beast is stabbed and falls to the ground and it is very quiet – Juliana said “Beast fall down” loud enough to produce giggles from their section. Scott and I went on Tower of Terror and the Rock-N-Roller Coaster. Then we went across the park to the Muppet 3-D show, Juliana was not so amused by this one and wouldn’t wear the glasses. We left the park to go back to the hotel for naps.
After nap time, Juliana went swimming with Scott and G. She has had so much fun swimming this week – no fear of the water; face under, no problem. Then Juliana went out to dinner with Nonni and G.

Scott and I went to Epcot for dinner, we had 8:15 reservations at Bistro de Paris. We were there early and seated at 8:00. The food was delicious!! But it was a long meal – my main course arrived at 9:30 just as the fireworks were starting outside. The restaurant is in the second floor and we were seated near a window so we watched the fireworks from our table. Desert – so awesome – warm, Grand Marnier souffle – yum!

We took some pictures around the hotel Saturday morning. We stayed at the Pop Century resort which has areas for each decade from the 1950s to the 1990s – we were in the 1960s. The stair towers at the end of each building are inside an iconic item from that decade – our stairs were inside giant yo-yos – the stairs that we used were in the green yo-yo or as Juliana called it – the big green circle.

Saturday morning we packed up the van and headed to the airport for our 12:25 flight. The flight was on time and baggage was quick in Pittsburgh (I may be a Southwest convert after this – on time flights, leg room, snacks on the plane, fast baggage claim), we were in the Jeep at 3:00 and Juliana was sound asleep within minutes. She was very good on the flight home.

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