A Little Bit of Snow Fun

Yesterday we had a nice snow fall – enough to play in and it was just below freezing so we could be outside for a while without getting too cold. Juliana was happy to get bundled up with the prospect of walking on and touching the snow – whenever she sees that it has snowed, she wants to go outside and “touch it and hold some”.

She took her rake and shovel outside and dug holes and threw snow in the air for a while. Then she decided to eat some snow – good and cold is how she described it. But she spent most of the time running and yelling – just happy to be outside, it’s been too cold to play outside the past few weeks.

When I was shoveling the driveway she couldn’t resist the snow pile I was creating – she ran and jumped into it and rolled around. She decided to shed her mittens at that point so she could hold the snow in her hands. Once the mittens were discarded we couldn’t stay outside much longer…

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