More Kennywood – Jack Rabbit and Kiddie Land

Juliana is tall enough to ride the Jack Rabbit this year. We have been talking about riding on the bit roller coaster for weeks and she was very excited to go on it. She waited in the long line and hopped on the ride with Mommy. We buckled up and down the first hill. She didn’t cry, but she seemed a bit alarmed. When we reached the end she said, “Is the Jack Rabbit over? I don’t want to ride this again.” Apparently it was too bumpy – she prefers the smooth metal coasters over the wooden… Here is her picture leaving the Jack Rabbit.

Only 2 times on the Merry-Go-Round this trip (although she would have happily rode it more).

We spent a very short time in Kiddie Land this year since she was so interested in the big kid rides. She did ride the Spaceship and the Little Whip.

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