Halloween 2008

Juliana had a busy and fun halloween. She wore a Snow White costume (from the dress-up bin) to school in the morning and they had a busy day which included – carving a pumpkin and cooking the seeds, decorating smaller individual pumpkins, a costume parade through the school, an ice cream sundae party, art projects and other fun. She came home wound-up and ready for more.

For trick-or-treating she wore the Jasmine costume that we purchased at Disney World last year – I added a clip to the back of the pants to keep them up, other than that they fit fine. We did add a long-sleeve shirt underneath – it was a wam evening, but not warm enough for an exposed little belly.

She insisted on silver sparkle shoes for trick-or-treating, but they only lasted a few houses – she would run from the sidewalk to the front door and lose the shoes along the way, and keep running. So she walked in her tights for a while until we finished the block and walked back to the house to change into more street-worthy shoes and dump the first load of candy. We spent about an hour trick-or-treating and she was getting tired of walking so we went home, had a lollypop and went to bed.

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