Christmas Card Pictures Not Used

This year I really wanted to take Juliana’s picture outside – she has an adorable coat and hat that look perfect over her Christmas dress. I should have learned my lesson 2 years ago when I tried to take a picture outside in early December. However, I thought we could take a quick picture and be done even though it was very cold. It was clear that Juliana was not going to be a willing participant as soon as we got outside – she had no interest in standing next to the Penguin and started complaining immediately that her hands were cold…it’s not like I was wearing gloves.

There was no coaxing a pleasant expression for one good picture so we gave up and wandered around the house – looking for a Plan B. We ended up taking pictures of her on an old trunk and the one that we used in the Christmas card was good in the end (after bribing her to smile and look in the direction of the camera of course). Here are some of the pictures that we did not use.

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