Nursery Preview

After several nights of not being able to sleep and a sudden urge to get everything ready for the boys…I have given in to nesting.

My mom came over yesterday and helped me go through the purchases that we have made so far and start organizing. Scott and my Dad took Juliana with them (a big help to our productivity) to IKEA to pick-up some tall storage wardrobes that we will use for blankets, sheets and the clothes that won’t fit in one dresser.

After much sorting, open packages of new stuff, organizing baby stuff from Juliana that isn’t pink or purple (not much) and 3 loads of laundry…we finally have some progress.

I purchased the bedding sets on super clearance before Christmas and I am really happy with them – both sets for under $150 – orginal price $189 each. And the simple mobiles – orginal price $39 each, purchased for $2.75. Bargain shopping is key when shopping for 2 at a time.

The theme will be transportation – centered around the T is for Train bedding – with primary colors. The bedding set included everything for the crib, diaper holder and valences for the windows (mom will be making curtains that coordinate).

The room is far from ready, but here is a preview of some how some parts of the room will look.

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