The Sibling Program

Scott and I took Juliana to Magee Hospital for the sibling program. The program is designed to introduce younger childen to the hospital so they know what to expect when Mommy goes to the hospital. It included a visit to see newborn babies in the nursery, going to a hospital room like the one where Mommy will stay (and explaining that Mommy sleeps at the hospital for a few days while you are sleeping in your own bed at home), and practicing diapering and feeding a baby doll.

Juliana could have spent hours staring in the nursery window at the new babies; we had to drag her away. Whenever she looks at her baby pictures, she always asks, “where is Juliana’s mommy?” I always explain that I am taking the picture, but that explanation never seems to satisfy her. So it shoud come as no suprise that when we walked up to the nursery window her first question was, “where are those babies mommies?” We explained that they were resting in their rooms and the nurses were watching the babies.

When we parked the car and were walking up to the hospital we told her that this is where she came out of mommy’s belly. She found this very interesting, but told us that she didn’t want to do that again…she would rather stay big :)

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