Learning to Help

Juliana has suddenly started to be more helpful – great timing! As we are sorting out the boxes of kitchen stuff and finding a home for everything, we are taking advantage of that by storing all of her snacks, drinks, cups, etc. in drawers and shelves that she can reach. She noticed that the upstairs water dish for the cats was empty and filled it all by herself. Hopefully she will want to help out with the babies as well.

I made a no sew tutu this past week with 7 yards of pink, lavender and purple tulle (idea from Burgh Baby).
Yesterday I took her to the playground. Juliana would be happy to spend an hour there everyday. I get bored after 5 minutes, especially when I am just standing there pushing her on the swing. This was probably our last Mommy-Daughter solo outing for a little while as we adjust to life with the boys. I’m sure that she will talk G into lots of trips to the playground in the meantime.

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