More from the Hospital

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent introducing the boys to family and spending lots of time together bonding. They spent the nights in the nursery and the nurses brought them back to the room to eat. These first pictures are from their second day – we were able to start to see all of their differences once they had a bath. In all of the pictures that include a binky – Wyatt has the blue one and Ruslan has the green one. And in their nursery beds they each have a stuffed animal at the end – Wyatt has a little Moose and Ruslan has a little Lion.

Tuesday afternoon when Juliana came to visit we had a birthday party for them. The party guests included: Mommy and Daddy, Juliana, Nonni and G, Nana and Papa.

Wednesday afternoon we brought their car seats into the hospital so we could set-up the buckles ahead of time (rather than trying to get everything ready at the last minute when leaving the hospital). Scott came up with the great idea to put their names on the sides of the car seats as well so we know that they are always in the seat with the straps in the right position. There is almost no space between the chest buckle and the bottom buckle, they are so small in these seats.
A few other pictures of them from Thursday morning – pictures of them sleeping in the nursery before they came to my room in the morning and then once they had finished eating and were lounging in the room.

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