The Big Sister

Juliana met her brothers Tuesday afternoon. She was very excited to see them and hold them. She climbed right up to get a good look and then sat down ready to hold them. As soon as Wyatt started to cry, she tried to push him away, saying “Daddy take Him!” Later she had a snuggle with Ruslan before going home for the night. She is very excited to be a big sister and loves her new brothers. She was not so excited that Mommy was staying in the hospital and that she was not allowed to climb on me and that I can’t pick her up.

She came back to the hospital to visit again after school on Wednesday. She was excited that people had been to visit and left presents for her as well. One of the gifts was a tea set which she immediately set-up and then while she was holding Ruslan shared a cup of tea with him. 2 days old and already being included in tea parties.

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