The Past Few Weeks

Juliana has been spending her weekdays at school and we have been doing our best to entertain her during the other times. She is still adjusting to life with the boys in our home, wanting lots of extra attention, etc.

Her present from the boys when they were born was a Leapster and it has turned out to be a great idea – some quiet independent play.

Juliana loves to help in the kitchen, one evening she made muffins with Nonni. And she enjoys helping me make the formula for Wyatt – she helps put all of the lids on the bottles.

She likes holding the boys, but only for a few minutes and then she is done and needs to get up to do something else. She still thinks that she should be able to carry them, so we have to keep reminding her that she needs to sit and hold them.

Last week she found a dice game (LCR) and wanted to know how to play. G made up a simple way for the 2 of them to play and it became an instant favorite.

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