Happy Independence Day

Yesterday we went to Aunt Natalae’s Annual 3rd of July party. It is a huge party complete with a live band and fireworks. I think that this was my 7th year of the party. For those of you who don’t know, Natalae is the person who introduced Scott and I and she is Juliana’s godmother.

Juliana always has a new red, white and blue outfit for the party and this year the boys had coordinating outfits. I thought it was a bit cold for their little shorts outfits so I added a long-sleeve onesie and socks (the hats didn’t make it out of the house since it was starting to warm up when we left).

The baby girl in the picture is Natalae’s 7-wk old. Her name is Sydney Jordan – yeah, she had to name her baby after 2 Penguins instead of just one like us…

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