Little Men

Clothes for baby girls are the cutest…I still find myself looking at the new baby girl clothes when I am shopping for the boys. Basic baby clothes are primarily the same – same soft fabrics, t-shirts with or without snaps, sweat pants, one piece sleep-n-plays, etc. The difference is the patterns and colors and occasionally some extra darts in the clothes designed for girls.

But beyond the basics, there is a big difference. Baby girl clothes have their own styles – ruffles and other cuteness unique to the little outfits – how often do you see a size 6-month outfit that looks the same as something from the women’s department? On the other hand, baby boy clothes are often miniature versions of men’s clothing – polo shirts, button downs, cargo shorts… That’s what I was thinking today when I dressed the boys and took their pictures and then Scott came home wearing a very similar outfit…

2 comments to Little Men

  • pghrugbyangel

    Please tell me what you'd like to see for baby boys clothing!! I now have a niece and have stopped considering what I'd make if the baby was a boy. But I'm willing – and happy – to be inspired to come up with things for boys that are truly unique. And the pattern books at Joann's are truly dull!!

  • chasingalittlelion

    At Target you can get the EXACT SAME clothes in baby and big guy sizes. Peanut's dad wears Cherokee polo shirts from Target to work every day and I found a few for Peanut, too! I'm still frustrated that the little girl's section is 3 times the size of the little boy's section, tho!