Random Happenings

I love Juliana’s summer childcare program. It is at the same school she attends during the year so she is around familiar teachers and kids. But the best part is how much they play outside which is what summer should be all about for children. They have creative time to draw and color and play with toys, but spend the majority of the day outside. On hot days, they set-up pools and sprinklers and play in the water. But Juliana’s current favorite thing at the school is the sandbox – apparently she spends entire days in it. I’m glad that she loves it so much, but I don’t love that she comes home with sand in her hair and we can never get it all out and the bathtub has a sandy residue each night…sand caught in the bath toys, washcloths, shoes, clothes, bath mat… I do not love sand in my house.

My mom bought some size 4 shirts from Target this past week for Juliana. 4, not 4T, size 4 as in the department where you buy clothes for older children…how did this happen?

Recently Juliana has been fascinated by rocks; not just any rocks – small, round, smooth rocks. She comes home from school with a new one almost everyday and sneaks as many as possible into her room (they are really fun to step on when walking down the hall in the dark, in the middle of the night to feed a baby). At a softball game this past weekend, she spent the entire time looking through the dirt for small rocks and found some she was quite proud to show everyone.

One morning last week:
J: Is it my wake-up time?
M: Yes, time to get up
J: ok, then it is also my rock’s wake-up time, and my rock is thirsty, let’s get a cup of water for it
M: Rocks don’t drink out of cups, they are supposed to live outside and they get all of their water from the rain
Juliana proceeded downstairs and outside and left her rock to live in the basil and parsley pot. Tuesday night she went outside, found her rock and announced that it had gotten bigger from the rain.

Last Night
M: I think these PJs are getting too small for you
J: Actually Mommy, I’m getting bigger and the PJs are staying the same size

This Morning
J: I don’t like when it storms
M: The rain waters the plants and helps them grow
J: rain, rain, go away, come again no other day…and people can water their own plants

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  • John R. Carman

    Yesterday, DJ G decided that he was going to make and sell pajama pants, and I argued that this was not a good business plan. Juliana's growth has convinced him that there is a continuing demand for pajamas.