Hips – Since the boys were both breach for most of my pregnancy, the Dr sent us to have ultrasounds on their hips. Ruslan’s results were normal, while there was a slight concern with Wyatt. The main angle for the hips should be 60 degrees or higher, Wyatt’s was at 56 degrees. So we went to a specialist in early June for follow-up. He recommended a second ultrasound at 11 weeks. Yesterday we had the ultrasound and follow-up appointment and the hip is correcting itself – up to 60 degrees now so we don’t expect to have any problems with it. We don’t go back unil he is 18-months now, just to make sure everything is still developing normally.

Tear Ducts – Ruslan was born with the tear ducts on both eyes clogged. His eyes were glued shut when he would wake-up and we were constantly wiping both eyes so he could open them and see easily. The 2nd week of June we noticed that his right eye was suddenly better and this week the left eye cleared up! Now the skin around his eyes won’t be red and irritated and everyone will stop rubbing his eyes.

Reflux – removing dairy from my diet has made a huge difference in the quantity of spit-up after Ruslan easts. He is still taking zantac 3 times/day and after a dosage increase last month, he is much less fussy after eating.

I was taking pictures of the boys together (a regular occurance) and caught Wyatt in the act of rolling over for the second time.

2 comments to Updates

  • John R. Carman

    I can roll over lots of times.

  • Allison Says

    Aw! It sounds like they are doing so well :)

    I also just realized that Ruslan weighs more than Alex did at 2 months! And Alex was 9.12…go Ruslan, GO!