Your Backyard Friends

Do you really need a reason for costumes? Especially when we are dressing up baby dolls and babies. On this occasion, Juliana had decided that it was Bitty Babies birthday and that Bitty and the Bitty Twins (Michael and Missy Missy Rose) should all dress-up in Halloween costumes. Then we remembered the Backyardigans costumes. Juliana was going through major Backyardigans love this spring. My mom was shopping online and found these Pablo and Tyrone costumes on clearance and they have been waiting for some dress-up fun every since. Wyatt is dressed as Pablo who is a penguin and Ruslan is dressed as Tyrone the moose.

1 comment to Your Backyard Friends

  • Burgh Baby

    There is going to come a day when those photos are going to be used as evidence when defending a revenge scheme. It will happen.

    I'm siding with the boys. Even if I do luuuurve the photos. 😉