15 Weeks

The boys are doing really well, overall they are very happy contented babies.

Wyatt remains our spirited baby – there is no doubt when he wants to eat. If he wakes up hungry and doesn’t have a bottle in his mouth within 2 minutes, when you do try to feed him he keeps screaming because he is mad that it took 3.5 minutes from waking up to food.

Wyatt is also the more active baby. We have to put him at the bottom of his crib at night because he pushes his way up to the top of the crib during the night until his head is pressed sideways against the end of the crib. On more than one occasion he has spun around in his crib and kicked the aquarium music on. He is also very strong, he can push himself up on his arms and hold his head up looking from side to side for several minutes.

Wyatt is also quite the drool monster. If he is laying on his stomach, he gets a couple of fingers in his mouth and leaves a puddle of drool when we pick him up.

Ruslan is getting close to rolling over, because of his reflux he has had significantly less tummy time than Wyatt. But he is just as strong holding his head up, and if we put him in a sitting position he can remain upright for a short time. Both of them are sitting well when propped.

Ruslan is so happy, even when he is fussy, you can coax him into a smile and then a coo and a laugh and he forgets that he was unhappy. He falls asleep easily, even if he is in the bouncy seat with the lights flashing, if he is tired he just closes his eyes and goes to sleep and we can move him to his crib where he will happily sleep.

Last Thursday Ruslan was a little fussy when he was eating in the evening and Friday it was apparent he was getting a cold. He has a stuffed up nose, his eyes are crusty when he wakes up, and he has the saddest little cough, his little giggles sound a bit hoarse as well. But so far he has slept through the coughing at night. Wyatt has a little congestion as well, but not nearly as bad. Hopefully these little summer colds will pass quickly.

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  • chasingalittlelion

    Your posts here always make me smile.

    And every once in a while I see a Carter's outfit that we also have at our house (24M size). :)