And Sometimes She Helps Out

One evening last week, I was about to give the boys a bath and Juliana announced that she wanted to help. I wondered if she would actually be a help, but decided it was a good idea to involve her. She ran to get the bathtub and bring it into the kitchen and then went to get the changing pad and put it up on the kitchen counter. The bathtub has a sling that completely supports the boys so they are very secure.

We started with Wyatt and she carefully washed his arms and legs with the washcloth – I told her I would wash his face and head. When we were done washing Wyatt she rubbed the lotion on and helped me dress him.

Then it was time for Ruslan’s bath, she took a break to model the lion towel and then wore it througn part of the bath. She did a good job of washing Ruslan except that she did want to wash his face as well (you can see his surprise in the picture with his arms flying about). By then time he was washed, she was done helping and had run off to play. But she actually was a big help. I hope this is the beginning of her being more helpful rather than the norm of just making a mess…

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