Are they twins? I can’t walk through a store without several people asking that question. And then they think they can get very close to them and offer their comparison of the two. When I say that they are twins, while moving the stroller or cart out of their reach, I often get this response – “I thought so, but I wasn’t sure since they weren’t dressed the same”. Really? The fact that they are both babies in matching baby carriers out with one women – that wasn’t a clue. And people that are friends of the family and of course know that they are twins sometimes express their disappointment when they see the boys and they are not dressed the same and ask us why not.

Scott feels strongly about them not being dressed the same. I am in the middle on this issue, but primarily I dress them alike, but not the same. The same outfit in different color, the same cargo shorts with a different shirt, etc. And once Ruslan wears the brown plaid and Wyatt wears the blue – I always dress them in that combination, at that point the brown belongs to Ruslan even though Wyatt could just as easily wear it.

If someone has bought the same outfit for them, then I will dress them the same on that day. And I have bought the same things for them when I found something I loved and there wasn’t a coordinating option, or the other option wasn’t nearly as cute. When we went to Idlewild last week, it was one of those occasions when the boys were dressed the same. And all day long, I heard – “Look at those twins”, not once did anyone ask them if they are twins.

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  • John R. Carman

    I think I texted Scott when I was shopping for outfits to ask if you wanted to dress them the same.

    I also figured that they may have different tastes in movies. I see Ruslan is the X-Men fan.