The New Bike

When Scott and I were out for our anniversary, we went to dinner and did some shopping. Our last stop was Target (are you thinking, seriously Target on your anniversary date…just remember I don’t get to leave the house without children very often, so this shopping time was a luxury). Juliana had outgrown her tricycle and I had been thinking about buying a bike, so it wasn’t completely an impulse when we passed the bikes and I announced that we were buying one…plus it is purple and pink.

We decided that she should earn the bike. Scott found a stack of 8 carnival tickets and we agreed that she would earn a ticket when she was mostly good that day (perfectly good and the bike would still be in the box). The first day we told her about the tickets and that there would be a surprise when she collected all 8. She was so good and very excited to collect her 1st ticket. The next day she was soooo bad and therefore no ticket; and she told me she would rather be bad than have a ticket…she would just get her 2nd ticket the next day. Each day she got a ticket she would tell me how many she had and how many she needed to add up to 8. When she earned her last ticket I told her that her surprise was a bike.

Juliana – A bike!!! Is it a Dora bike?
Me: No, even better, it’s purple and pink.
Juliana: Is it a purple and pink Dora bike?

Thursday after school her bike was assembled and waiting. She counted her 8 tickets out and hopped on her bike. She is still getting the hang of peddling and driving straight at the same time. She has her fist bike related scraped knee from an over-steering fall.

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