The Cow PJs

We haven’t had the hottest summer in Pittsburgh, but I also wouldn’t call it cold. Starting early in the summer, Juliana insisted that she needed to wear warm pjs at night – mommy, I need to wear long pants, long-sleeves, fleece pjs. When we boxed up her winter clothes, we left 2 fleece pj sets and some lighter weight long-pant/sleeve options in her drawer. Occasionally she would wear one of the other options, but she asked for the cow pjs every night for weeks. One night when they were in the laundry she demanded – mommy, how many days it is going to take for you to do my laundry…I need my cow jammies!! And when she is wearing them on a weekend morning, she is in no hurry to get dressed.

I tried getting her to wear some of the very cute summer pjs I had purchased for her and some even had pants. But most nights those wouldn’t do. In early August, I quit trying. I took the 4T pjs from her closet that I had bought on clearance for this fall and added those to the nightly rotation. And I bought some additional sets which had to be worn as soon as Juliana found out about them. The flowered pjs in the picture below – it was 90 degrees the day she wore those for the first time. The night our power was out and it was super hot and humid – she was wearing the cow pjs that night.

The cow pjs are a 3T and the pants are getting short. When she got out of the bathtub this evening she spotted the basket of folded, clean clothes in her room and asked for them. It will be time to say good-bye to them soon, but not tonight.

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