6-month Check-up

Wyatt and Ruslan had their 6-month check-up today and they got a good report – healthy and well.  Both of the boys have been coughing a lot and Ruslan has been spitting up more than usual today, but they both calmed down relatively quickly after all of their shots.  In fact they are both still asleep in their car seats (in the house, not in the van…in case you were wondering, although it is a really nice day outside).

Wyatt is gaining on Ruslan in weight and continues to be taller.

Height – 26-1/4″ (45%) – 2″ growth since 4-mo
Weight – 16 lbs 8 oz (30%) – 1.75 lb increase since 4-mo

Height – 27-3/4″ (91%) – 2″ gowth since 4-mo
Weight – 16 lbs 5 oz (30%) – 2.5 lb increase since 4-mo

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