6 Months Old

6 months old and becoming more fun each day.  They seem to be learning a new “trick” every week. 

Ruslan figured out how to blow bubbles and of course his favorite time to do that is while eating; he loves the sound of his voice (will all of my children have this trait); his feet have become his favorite toy; and he is showing some signs that he might be the first to crawl.

Wyatt is finally growing some hair; it looks like a tooth is going to be arriving soon; he is getting very stable sitting up, loves to be as upright as possible and is close to being able to stand holding onto something – he is almost chest high on Juliana already…guessing he will be at the top of the height chart.

It’s amazing how different they are in temperment, overall traits, and varying development.
They are both such calm babies – almost every day one of the teachers or childcare workers and even the other moms stop to tell me how much they love our babies and how sweet and good they are.  They greet everyone with a smile and generally only cry when they are very hungry or very tired.   Even two very good babies require a lot of attention and work, I can’t imagine if they were fussy all the time.  I live an exhausted life on most days, but when I drag myself into their room in the morning and they catch the first glimpse of me over their cribs, both babies wave their arms and kick in great excitement, smile and shriek with joy that mommy has come to rescue them…and I feel a little less tired at that moment and smile back at my happy boys…I am blessed with wonderful children.

Some of the details of their lives at 6 months (need to record these details so whenever I do get to work on their first year scrapbooks, I will have the information to include).

Baths are 2 times a week and they are still in the baby tub in the kitchen sink.  I have such a good system down for the kitchen bath, but I think we will need to move to the duck tub in the big bathtub very soon.

Eating – So far the boys have enjoyed the following foods – rice cereal (only for the first week), oatmeal baby cereal, peaches, pears, sweet potatoes, green beans.  And surprisingly green beans seem to be the favorite food so far.  After a few weeks of one meal at dinner each day, they started having cereal with fruit for breakfast as well.

Sleep – They still aren’t napping well at daycare.  Most evenings they come home, eat dinner and fall asleep.  At around 8:00, we get them changed for bed (if they aren’t already in their sleepers) and then Wyatt gets a bottle, Ruslan nurses and into their cribs they go.  We are still feeding them before we go to bed for the night to get them through until 6:30 most nights – they don’t generally wake up for those feedings…just drink in their sleep.  On the weekends, they take nice naps (Ruslan will nap 2-1/2 – 3 hours at a time) and they are so much happier and are awake to play in the evening.

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