A Few of My Favorite Things by Ruslan

#1 – My thumb – it is with me everywhere I go. I prefer my left thumb, but if Mommy has trapped that thumb in my shirt sleeve while trying to change my clothes, then I will use the right thumb. To get my thumb in my mouth, I press the palm of my hand against my face and slide my thumb along my mouth until it is there. Even if I am awake when Mommy puts me in my crib at night, I just suck on my thumb and get very sleepy. Sometimes I notice Wyatt sucking on his fingers, but not too often.

#2 – Rolling – I learned to roll over later than my baby brother, but now that I know how, I love to roll across the entire room. Mommy puts me on the left side of Wyatt so that I don’t roll on him, like my thumb I prefer rolling to the left. Mommy always seems surprised when she leaves us on the floor to play and comes back a few minutes later and I have rolled as far as I can – it’s a fun game. Some nights I have to cry for Mommy and Daddy to come help me. I love rolling so much that I do it in my crib at night and sometimes my left arm gets stuck and I can’t get my thumb in my mouth. Daddy puts me on my back so I can get my thumb again and then I can fall back asleep.

#3 – Oatmeal Cereal – For the longest time all I got to eat was milk and now I get food from a spoon. The rice cereal was ok, I made a horrible face when Mommy tried to feed peaches to me, and now I have been eating oatmeal cereral – it is very yummy. I open my mouth wide every time I see the spoon and try not to let any come back out on my chin. Mommy says I need to wear my new bib to keep my shirt clean and I do like the bright colored pictures on it; but the bib causes a big problem – it traps my hands. When I try to get my thumb to my mouth I just end up pressing my bib against my face and then I can’t see, I smoosh food on my nose and I still can’t get my thumb. Fortunately I eat quickly and after Mommy washes my face and I can get out of my chair and roll.

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  • Scrumpy Daddy

    I love this post! It so perfectly communicates what we are certain our babies are thinking throughout the day.

    You've inspired me to create a similar post in the near future for my own kids. (I have a 3-year old daughter & a 3-month old son.)

    Also: too cute!