Field Trip – Pumpkin Farm

Today was my first field trip in a really long time.  Juliana’s class, the 3-yr preschool, kindergarden and 1st grade all went to a local farm today – Triple B Farms – for their fall festival.  Every day for weeks, our morning has begun with the same question – Is today pumpkin farm day?  And finally today was the day.

There were lots of parents so I only had to watch Juliana and her friend Kamsi.  Even so, holding hands with 2 kids while moving quickly from one activity to another and trying not to slip on the muddy hills and walkways…of yeah and the 45 minute bus ride in each direction full of very excited kids.

We ended up with beautiful weather today – the sun came out in Pittburgh and it got warmer throughout the day.  We started out walking around the fairytale and other misc characters made of pumpkins – no close up pictures here with good reason (the whole thing is a little odd).  But we walked back and forth along each long row of costumes with pumpkin heads…

Then we hit the play area for some running and climbing on a big pile of hay.  We decided to take a picture of her class – Juliana is on the left-side – note her level of participation in the pictures.

Then they each had a turn on the big slides.

After lunch it was time to learn about how pumpkins grow and finally they each got to pick a pumkin to bring home.  Juliana took off running when they said to go find one – she was so excited that it was finally time.  She picked out the pumpkins for both of us.

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