Juliana’s Birthday – Part 1

Our day was far too busy to fit into one blog post…way to many pictures to tell the story.

Scott and I woke Juliana up together.  As she sleepily opened her eyes, she realized it was her birthday and smiled.  When asked how old she was she was happy to display 4 fingers.

While she was getting dressed Scott was at the other end of the hallway with the camera.  As she tried to hide behind the door (apparently tired of pictures by 8:00 am), I would open it and Scott would snap a picture – she thought this game was amazingly funny.
A quick picture in front of the house before school.
Scott and I went to her classroom at 10:30 for snack time with her cake.  It was a cake of cupcakes – perfect for splitting up with the class, yet it could have standard cake decorations.  They sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed cupcakes.  And then Juliana lounged for a few minutes before we left.

Juliana came home with us and then we went out to lunch with Nonni and G.  Juliana loves cooking shows, she is just as happy to watch the Food Network on Saturday mornings and she is to watch Playhouse Disney.  So I thought she might enjoy a Japanese Hibachi lunch.  She was very excited that we were going to have lunch at a place where they cook right on our table.  However the fire right in front of her was a bit too much and she jumped on my lap and later hid on the floor.  But she did enjoy the flashing lights and music for her birthday.

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