Halloween 2009

Juliana went through many costume options during the week.  She went to a Halloween party as Snow White.  Most days she came home from school and was Tinkerbell for the rest of the evening.  For the preschool party on Friday, she wore her Jasmine costume from last Halloween which fit perfectly this year.   She ended up wearing the outfit we purchased for Halloween to trick-or-treat.  It was a blue dress with fiber optic lights in the skirt (very cool at night) – she picked it out in the store and deemed it a Cinderella dress and wouldn’t consider anything else.

I purchased the costumes for the boys last year on clearance when I knew we were having twins but didn’t know boys/girls.  I couldn’t pass up $2 costumes and they ended up working out great for the chilly evening.  Ruslan thought the costume was fun for a little while, I think that the bow tie and beak kept him entertained.  Wyatt was not thrilled about the whole thing and Juliana dubbed him “the angry chicken”.  He didn’t cry, he just wasn’t happy.

We all walked on our street so the neighbors could see the boys – someone gave them peanut butter cups – Ruslan was very interested in his, Wyatt was checked out and ready for bed at this point.  I took the boys home and Juliana teamed up with the little girl next door and they set off with their Daddies for the next block.

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