In Juliana’s Bed Today

When I took Juliana up to bed last night she insisted that she needed to take 2 stuffed animals from her play-area with her. As she climbed into bed and added those new animals to the assortment that was already in her bed, I noticed that there is a lot of stuff in there. So today I made a list of the items in her bed today.

3 pillows – 1 large and 2 small

2 blankets – the small fleece blanket that she snuggles in at night and the blanket that covers the rest of her and keeps her toes warm.

3 little silky blankies – originally she had one for home, one for daycare and a back-up in case one needed to be in the wash. When she stopped having a blankie at school she started sleeping with two. Then one of those was in the wash one night and she found out about extra blankie. Since then she has to have all 3 to sleep.

1 blue string from a lacing card set

1 pink foam circle – she discovered this when she came to visit me in the hospital when the boys were born. She insisted that it made a good hat and took it home. I’m not sure when she started to sleep with it.

1 pouch of Kleenex

A jewelry box that winds up and plays Swan Lake and currently contains 3 necklaces and a ring

1 My Little Pony, pink

1 tennis ball, pink

A plastic doll designed for practicing hair-dos along with a bag of hair accessories – she received this from her best friend at school for her birthday and she has needed to keep it close at night ever since.

A sippy cup with water in case she is coughing at night

8 stuffed animals, 2 of which play lullabies

18 books – This started during weekend naps when I told her if she wasn’t sleepy she could read books in bed and have quiet time. I had no idea the collection had grown so large.

I think that we will start by removing some of the books…

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