My Morning Baby

Ruslan is exceedingly happy when he wakes in the morning. I am awakened each morning by the sounds of him screeching, babbling, cooing and blowing bubbles. Although I prefer this to being jolted awake by crying, I wish it weren’t so early. He would happily play in his crib if I left him there, but I don’t because the happy sounds get loud and wake the other sleeping children. Wyatt and Juliana do not wake up in such a happy playful mood – they are both much more demanding first thing in the morning.

So most mornings I come downstairs with Ruslan and we have some quality time while the rest of the house is quiet, and I am allowed to slowly wake-up. His happiness is contagious especially since his babbling sounds a lot like ma-ma-ma-ma; even a very sleepy Mommy can’t help but smile around this happy baby.

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