The Nutcracker and Random Juliana

We went to the Nutcracker on Sunday and I learned that I am not a fan of ballet…soooo boring. I would have fallen asleep if not for Juliana bouncing from my lap to her seat and back the whole time. 

Since our trip to Disney, Juliana questions whether people or animals are real.  For example, on the Safari at Animal Kingdom – real animals; Splash Mountain – not real animals.  So this conversation a few minutes into the ballet didn’t surprise me.

Juliana: Are those real people?
Me: Yes
Juliana: Why aren’t they talking?
Me: In ballet they tell the story through the dance and the music
Juliana: Will those people be able to talk when they are done?
Me: Yes

Apparently she was concerned that the stage was filled with people who couldn’t talk.


Thursday night as I was returning her bath towel to the bathroom, Juliana screamed and started crying.  I went running back to her room where she was standing on her bed holding her left foot in the air.  I scooped her up and looked at her foot which was scraped along the side.  I asked her what happened and through the tears she was able to say: I was jumping on my bed like a monkey and hurt my foot (said with tears and great drama).  After she calmed down she told me she wasn’t going to jump on the bed any more.


I have a shoebox that holds all of the ornaments Juliana has made over the years as well as some unbreable ornaments.  I gave that box to Juliana when it was time to decorate the tree.  Every few minutes I would hear a comment like – this is the most beautifull ornament…and sure enough it would be one with a picture of her.


She is getting very demanding recently, especially when I am feeding the boys or getting them dressed.  Apparently she is going through another jealous period.  Most of the time she really loves her brothers.

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