Children’s Museum with G

My Mom stayed home with us when we young so we had plenty of one-on-one time with her.  Since my Dad was at work all day, I loved when I would get to go on an adventure with him.  As Juliana has gotten older, she has been going on adventures with my Dad – and I love that!  She loves the dedicated attention that she doesn’t get much of at home since the boys arrived. 

When I realized that school was closed for MLK day last Monday and I had to work, I knew that my Dad had the day off and asked if he wanted to take Juliana on an adventure.  He came up with some ideas and presented them to her, when he got to the Children’s Museum she started screaming and jumping up and down.

So last Monday they went on their outing.  They spent the first hour in the water room – good thing I sent dry clothes.  And she climbed the maze and the net, and the slide, and painted and had a great time!

Another thing I love…my Dad takes pictures whenever he has Juliana – good pictures.  So even though I am missing out on the fun, I get to see how much fun she had.  Thanks Dad!

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