Project 365 – A Picture a Day

I started 2009 with Project 365 and I’m so glad I took on the challenge. Did I miss days?  Yes.  But I think overall I missed less than 20 days. I used a binder designed for this project that t includes slots to print – yes, actually print out the pictures so you can look at them without a computer – a 4 x 6 photo each day and a slot to write a quick note about what happened that day.

I am behind on the printing (photos are waiting in a folder) and I have lots and lots of empty slots where the journaling cards should be completed. I love looking back at the pages that are complete – such a wonderful summary of our lives during those weeks. I plan to have more completed journaling cards in 2010.

This project was especially important to me this year because I scrapbook and I knew that the addition of the boys in our lives would put a hold on that hobby for a little while. This project made me more conscious of the pictures I take. I take lots of pictures of Juliana and the boys – no surprise. I also made an effort to be in more pictures this year instead of always being behind the camera. And I took lots of pictures of the little things that happen in our lives. Food – pictures of the French toast Scott made for me for dinner when I was pregnant and nothing else sounded good to eat and the first meals made when our kitchen was “almost done”. And that watermelon – I really wish I could eat that today.

The kitchen remodel before, during and after.

Getting ready for the boys and their arrival.

Sports championships

An impromptu picnic in the front yard.

Snow angels at the beginning and the end of the year.

Capturing our lives throughout the year – good times and not so good, events and every day life – recording our family history.  Today’s picture – Juliana, Ruslan and Wyatt watching Handy Manny on my mom’s iphone.

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