The Duck Tub Returns

We used the baby tub in the sink well beyond the recommended weight guideline, but they were perfectly happy in it up until this point.  This begins the sharing of the bathroom for Juliana and her brothers – a happy occasion today…check back when the teenage years begin.

The duck tub came out of storage and we will be using it until they are more stable sitting on their own and then they will be able to take a bath together.

Ruslan went first and was very happy with the new tub.  He sat up, grabbed a toy and enjoyed the whole bath, even some washing from Juliana.

Wyatt was not quite as thrilled with the experience.  He held one leg out of the water as long as possible.  Then he realized he could recline and hold both of his legs in the air.  He prefers the relaxing bath.

I need to work out the logistics between their room and the bathroom and what I need to have in each location to get both of them ready. 

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