10 Months Old

Month 10 was a busy one for Ruslan and Wyatt – so much changing and growing!  The biggest development – crawling,  After 2 months of only crawling backwards, Ruslan started forward motion about a week ago.  And being perfectly happy to sit and play with toys and occasionally pull himself toward a toy, Wyatt suddenly started crawling 2 days later.  Wyatt tends to sit back and watch Ruslan figure out how to do something and then he is ready to go a few days later.

During this past month:

  • Ruslan went on his second round of antibiotics for his left ear and Wyatt got his first ear infection also in his left ear.
  • They are sleeping well enough and mostly staying in one place in their cribs, so we started covering them up with a blanket.
  • They each got 3 new teeth and have a total of 6 each – 4 on top and 2 on the bottom.  Ruslan’s came in one a week over the past 3 weeks; Wyatt’s all cut through on one day.  And Wyatt – he likes to bite.
  • We stopped the mid-morning bottle so now they are down to wake-up, mid-afternoon and bedtime bottles.
  • They had their first night away from home – we stayed with Scott’s parents one night while our power was out.
  • We survived (barely) 4 straight days of daycare being closed for snow while I had to work and take care of them as well.
  • They tried new finger foods with mixed results.
  • I packed up the 9-month clothes.

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