10 Months with Puppies

Let’s sub-title the pictures for this month: When the boys learned they can escape and there are way more exciting things to do than look at the camera.

Wyatt had some very brief cooperative moments when he was alone in the chair.

This is his “stop making me sit back in the chair, I want to dive head-first on to the floor” expression.

He decided to lick the stuffed animal and was not thrilled with the taste.  However that didn’t stop him from trying again.

Ruslan had no interest in looking at me or smiling. 

The ceiling fan, even turned off, is way more exciting than mommy and the camera.

This is my favorite one.  I am singing and he is dancing back and forth – I love his head tip and straight smile when he “dances”.

The two of them together.

Wyatt spent most of the time trying to escape from the chair.

Eventually Ruslan got tired of chasing after him.

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  • Burgh Baby

    I'm impressed you're still able to get them both in the chair at the same time. Think you'll make it to a year? HMMM.