Disney Day #5

Tuesday was also my friend Sarah’s birthday and we spent the day at Epcot.  Our first stop was getting a FastPass for Soarin’ so we could come back later and not have to wait in line.  Juliana was started to get nervous about new rides so we didn’t want to wait in line and give her any extra time to panic.  Then we went to the VIP Center for Siemens at Spaceship Earth.  We had a drink and relaxed for a few minutes (it was already getting hot out) and then we walked on the ride from the special back entrance – no waiting! 

We were also given a Express Pass for Test Track while we were at the VIP Center, so we headed there next.  And once agin we walked right on without waiting in line. 

Then it was time for our Soarin’ FastPasses so we rode that and to my surprise Juliana loved it!  There was one loud part that scared her, other than that she was very excited that we got FastPasses to come back later.  After a morning of rides and no lines we were having a good time.  Then it was time for our lunch reservation in Norway with Princesses Belle, Aurora, Ariel, Cinderella and Snow White. Juliana took advantage of a few minutes wait to play in the dirt before our Royal lunch.  Juliana posed herself in these pictures, we were cracking up at her positions and expressions.

The food was much better than I expected it to be and Sarah got a birthday treat and a card signed by all of the Princesses.

From Norway we walked through the World Showcase.  At each country they had a kid’s center with markers and a shaped tag.  At the first stop, Juliana got a mask and started coloring it and then at each country we would find the stop and get a tag to add to her mask.  There were stamps that could be added at each of the countries and they wrote her name in Chinese on the mask when we stopped in China.  It was a great way to keep her entertained along the way.  That and she was riding in the stroller so she didn’t have to walk.

At one point, Mickey and his pals appeared and Juliana was right there when they lined up.  So she quickly ran to Mickey and we took pictures with all of the characters without waiting.

Santa and Mrs Claus were waiting for us in the United States pavilion.  And Santa couldn’t stop himself from laughing when Juliana announced that she wanted fake hair for Christmas.

We also stopped for treats along the way.  Lemoncello and Champagne for Sarah and I – it was a birthday celebration afterall…  And of course a break for pastries in France.

Canada was the last stop and Juliana spent some time working on the finishing touches of her mask and she invited a boy to come and talk to her.

We went back to Soarin’ and Juliana had a great time again and told everyone that was her favorite ride at Disney.  Then we went on the Energy ride (Juliana was scared throughout most of it) and left the Park asit was getting dark.  We went back to the hotel, had dinner and Juliana went swimming in the kiddie pool.  Then it was time to wash all of the Princess glitter out of her hair and go to bed.

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