Disney Day #6

Wednesday was our last full day at Disney World.  This was our 3rd time staying at the Pop Century Resort and although the buses to most of the Parks are very efficient, we forgot how long the buses to the Animal Kingdom take.  We waited a very long time.  Combine that with the fact that it was a very hot and much too humid day and it was not a great day for the Animal Kingdom.  Once we arrived we decided to focus on the most important stuff first in case we didn’t stay long.  Juliana went with my mom to the Lion King show which she loved 2 years ago and loved it again this time.  While they were at the show, I went straight to the Safari to get Fast Passes and then to Everest.  Using the single-rider line I was able to ride 5 times in 30 minutes.  Then I met Juliana and mom back at the Safari entrance.  While we were “on safari”, it was obvious that Juliana was too tired and we were all hot so we decided to head back to the hotel.

We ate lunch and then Juliana and I went swimming in the big pool.  Even in her swim vest, she was very nervous in the water.  She held on to me tight as I swam and bounced in the pool and eventually she started to get brave.  She stayed next to me holding on and than little by little she started navigating herself.  Every few minutes she would get out of the pool to dry off her face (baby steps in the water) and then she would jump right back in for more swimming.

The swimming break was just what Juliana needed, she was in a much better mood after that.  We showered and headed to the Magic Kingdom.  We were on a mission to see the only characters Juliana really wanted to see and had missed so far in our trip – The Fairies, especially Tinkerbell. 

While my mom went to twke care of some important shopping – the fake hair Juliana had requested from Santa – Juliana and I went for a ride on the speedway.  She was so excited that she was going to get to drive the car – I was in charge of the gas pedal and she was supposed to steer.  After a few minutes she decided that it was to hard to steer so she quit.

We needed a snack before our dinner reservation and we decided that a funnel cake was the perfect early evening snack.

We left the Magic Kindom and walked to the Contemporary Resort for our dinner at Chef Mickey’s.  Juliana was getting so tired that this meal was not as much fun as it should have been. 

We made it back to the bus stop before the fireworks started so we didn’t have a long wait for a bus.  We got back to the hotel and started packing.

Thursday morning we finished packing, ate breakfast and then checked our bags for our flight at the hotel – this was such a great service.  It was pouring rain and even though we had a few hours before we needed to go to the airport, we would have been soaked if we went to a Park.  S instead we went to a nearby shopping area and then had lunch before driving to the airport.

Trying to imagine going back with 3 kids next time…

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