As I was brushing Juliana’s hair this morning, I realized how long it is now.  We keep it shorter for a number of reasons – it doesn’t get in her face (especially while eating), there are less tangles to carefully remove each morning, and because she won’t let me do anything with it.  So this morning I asked her if she wanted pigatils and she said yes!  I moved quickly before she could change her mind and after I was done she told me she was keeping them in her hair all day.

These pictures reminded me of the first time she wore pigtails, just past her 2nd birthday.  For a few months, I have lots of pictures of her in pigtails, but not any since.

I have a scrapbook page with these photos that says: “Pigtails – just one of the many little reasons I wanted to have a girl.  Some of the others – tea parties, dress-up, sparkle shoes, dance, princesses, dolls, shopping…”

My wishes came true with this little girl because she loves all of those things.

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