11 Months with Puppies

Usually I get the best results from Wyatt, he is normally quick to smile and be silly.  He is sick this weekend -watery eyes, continual snot, and all around miserable (I am really hoping no ear infection).  Ruslan is starting to get the same symptons so we are wiping lots of noses and snuggling away tears.

I think this is one of the best puppy pictures from Ruslan this year – he is smiling and looking at me!

Then he had to slouch for a few minutes and be serious.

Wyatt was very sad – the Princess snow globe quieted his tears for a few minutes.

At some point they decided to both start clapping.

And then Wyatt had to do his favorite thing – pull Ruslan’s ear.  And then Ruslan’s ear and his own as well.

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