Gates are great when there is a responsible adult in the room, but there are occasions when you need maximum containment – and that’s when we use the play yard.  This is left over from Juliana’s baby time, I feel like we are finally getting our money’s worth out of some of these larger purchases.

I rearranged the play area in our living room so all of Juliana’s stuff is on one side and the play yard is on the other.  In the process, I got rid of lots of junk and little pieces.  Babyproofing when there is an older child in the house is so much more difficult than baby proofing for your first child.

The boys are generally happy in here for short time periods, so I try to only put them in there when necessary.  We keep some of their favorite toys in that space so they are always excited to get a chance to play with those toys.  Otherwise we try to give them lots of time to crawl across the room and back.

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