My (little bit) Big Girl

Sometimes I look at her and I am amazed at how quickly she is changing and growing up. 

She plays by herself for longer stretches of time – emerging from her craft table with fabulous masterpieces – or appearing in fantastic dress-up attire – or sitting quietly playing her leapster.

She is watching “real movies” – movies with people.  During the week that school was closed for snow she watched The Princess Diaries I and II.  Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune are quickly becoming a favorite part of her evening – she yells letters at the TV and is very pleased if they call that letter next.  Can I watch one more puzzle before bed…

She takes showers instead of baths at night – a huge time saver and so much easier for me.  I squeeze shower gel into the puff and she washes herself and is starting to do a better job of washing her own hair.

After months of being dry at night in a pull-up, she started sleeping in panties last month.  We didn’t pressure her to make the switch because she sleeps really well at night and is usually asleep for 11-12 hours.

After almost 2 years of not letting me doing anything but brush her hair in the morning, she is finally letting me style it.  And she was very excited when I bought new barrettes and ponytail holders this week.

When she wakes up in the morning, she brushes her teeth and gets herself dressed before she comes downstairs.

She loves helping in the kitchen for short streches of time – measuring and mixing ingredients

And maybe, she might not be mad at me anymore about Ruslan and Wyatt and the attention that they get from me that used to be entirely reserved for her.  Afterall, she kinda loves being a big sister.

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  • Gina

    I love the sibling interaction. Emily would LOVE to have REAL! LIVE! BABIES! in the house. She can forget it.