Outside with the Boys

Wyatt loves being outside and when he is in the house somtimes he sits and stares out the window.  He will happily sit in the grass and look around.  Ruslan does not like being outside or at least he doesn’t like being put down outside – the second he is set down on the ground he bursts into tears.

Last Saturday was such a beautiful day so I washed the winter grime away from the swings in the backyard and we took the boys outside for their first time on the swings.  They both loved it and had lots of fun – switching from laughing and kicking to relaxed.

After swing time we got out them in the stroller and went for a long walk.  Ruslan loved watching the people and the cars.  Wyatt just sat still and quiet and stared straight ahead.  Eventually they both fell asleep and we left them in the stroller when we got home and they slept another hour – all of that fresh air made the boys very sleepy.

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