Return of Bucket Baby

If you asked my mom to list her favorite pictures of Juliana as a baby – this one would be near the top of her list.

The set of buckets recently came out of storage for the boys to play with and after lunch today I decided to try and capture some pictures of the boys with the same bucket.  First up was Wyatt and he went about crawling around the room like nothing out of the ordinary was happening (just like the bunny ears).

He crawled toward Ruslan who seemed amused by the situation.

Then it was time for Ruslan to have a turn.  He inspected the bucket handle and then decided to crawl closer to me.

And then Wyatt noticed what was happening and made a sudden attack.

I don’t know if Wyatt wanted the bucket again or if he was just doing his normal trying to grab Ruslan’s ear.  Whatever the case, Ruslan was very upset…

A snuggle from Mommy and the lens cap made everything better.

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